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>_ Interactive Redis

Feel tired of manualy copy and paste the key's name for GET command? IRedis has auto-completion for keys, hash members, etc, with a LRU strategy.

IRedis will make response more readable for you.

IRedis support Peek command, to check the key's type then automaticly call get/lrange/sscan, etc, depends on types. You don't need to call type command then type another command to get value. Peek will also display the key's length and memory usage.

New to Redis? Ok, try --newbie mode. IRedis will acommpany with you on the road to an expert!

Have trouble remembering Redis' commands? IRedis will give you a hint on bottom-bar.

Wait, you already have typed that command before! Let IRedis complete that for you!

Decode response for you!

Don't afraid to type the wrong command, we have syntax checker!

Stored some json in redis? Now you can use you favorite shell tools to parse Redis Response, IRedis will using pipe response to shell process.

You can also use HELP command to check the manual of Redis commands.

Rainbow prompt! It's useless, yes, but cool.

IRedis support Redis commands including pubsub/monitor, and keep sanity after that. (In redis-cli, you have to exit redis-cli and start it agein)

IRedis support keepalive and retry for connection issues.

Shake with fear when typing command on production? IRedis will protect you from running dangerous commands!